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Business Telephony.

Integrate your telephony with your IT.


Reachable on business phones in the office or at home.


Use Microsoft Teams as your PBX in the cloud.


Professional mobile telephony for your business.


Regional numbers, 085, 088, 0800, 0900. choose your telephone presence.

Business Telephony.

Integrate your telephony with your IT. Choose the solution that fits your needs, or consult SCC for the best advice.

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Professional Connectivity.

VoIP on Premise


Clear lines

With some skilful network management, the speech traffic is separated from the data traffic in the network, guaranteeing crystal clear conversations.

Direct Personal Contact

You don’t have to deal with impersonal call centres to arrange your telephony. You can call directly to SCC and arrange it with us.

Desktop Integration

Use your Outlook contact list to dial and link up your CRM package. Once you get used to the ease of this, you won’t be able to do without it.

Integrated Mobile

Fully integrate your mobile telephony into your phone exchange in the cloud. This way you can see whether your colleagues offsite are available, or engaged.

Calling without a Deskphone

It’s possible to be reachable via an app on your laptop or smartphone. Ideal for working offsite.

Number Retention

You can migrate your current number seamlessly, without being offline for a second.
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Microsoft 365 as your online PBX.

Microsoft Business Voice


Flex seating

You can be available at any desk via your own direct number.

Variable or Fixed call charges

You can choose between cost per minute or take a fixed fee for unlimited national calls.

National Network

Office 365 Teams uses the normal KPN or other national network infrastructure.


To check your call history, you can easily get call reports from the Office 365 service portal.
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National cover through KPN Telecom's network.

Mobile Telephony


Clear subscriptions

We offer 5 easy to understand subscriptions to ensure everyone in your business has the package they need.

Data Only

Choose for Data-Only subscriptions in locations without a fixed connection or for the ‘Internet of Things’.

Direct Personal Contact

No more impersonal call centres. Arrange your telephony directly and personally with the team at SCC.

Shared Data

All same-value data bundles used within a company, are automatically shared.
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Choose the type of number to fit your company.

Telephone numbers


Number Retention

Keep your existing numbers, or add extra ones. You can add per block of 10, 100, or 1000 numbers.

Non Geographic Numbers

Use 085- or 088- numbers to show that your company does not work in a fixed geographical region.

Service Numbers

Use a 0800- number for toll-free for the caller, or a 0900- if you want the caller to pay for the call.

International Numbers

Do you have a branch abroad? You can still arrange your telephony with SCC. We offer numbers in more than 50 countries.
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What our clients say

Professional IT Services

SCC is a professional service provider that takes care of all our IT affairs, from network to telephony, and from servers to cloud.

Geert Habers
HD Cotterell BV

Flexible phone solution

Our therapists can be reached on their personal direct landline, regardsless of which branch or even room they work in.

Rob van den Heuvel
Plexus Fysiotherapie

Great team, quick service!

We've been happy with SCC's quick service for many years already. They solve our problems both remotely and on site.

Marijke Link
Hilkman winkelinrichting

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