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IT Security for companies who don’t like nasty surprises.

Practical solutions for your organisation. Choose the one which fits you best, or allow us to advise you.


All your devices monitored from our datacenter.


Security with just a password is no longer sufficient.


Protect your business against phishing and CEO fraud.


Go much further than traditional protection.

IT Security for companies who don’t like nasty surprises.

Practical solutions for your organisation. Choose the one which fits you best, or allow us to advise you.

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Continuity and Security.

Without always noticing it, all companies are prone to cyber-attacks on a daily basis. Luckily most of them don’t succeed, but it only takes one to get through and the damage can be great. SCC supplies the tools to shield your business from these attacks.

Keep your business safe.

Network Security


Antivirus & Anti-malware

Detects and neutralises suspicious activity with artificial intelligence.


Keeps your systems updated to avoid vulnerability. Updates are scheduled at time slots that suit your working hours.


Our engineers keep a constant eye on your system status by intelligent alerts from our monitoring systems.


Our security solutions are multi platform, and thus applicable for use on Servers, PC’s, Macs, Laptops and Network appliances.
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Safe Access.

Two-Factor Authentication


User Identity

The purpose of this service is to verify user identity with 100% certainty with two-factor authentication.

Reports of Access Attempts

Realtime reporting showing all access attempts, including IP addresses of the attemptors and the devices to which the attempts were made.

Device Integrity

Every device requesting access is checked for clearance before access to the network is granted.

Roll Out of Security Policies

Making sure that devices can only connect to the network, if their internal security is up-to-date.
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Protecting you from email fraud.

Email Security


Mail Pre-scan

Incoming mails are scanned for harmful content before they are released to the receiver’s inbox.

Realtime checks on weblinks

Mail can contain harmful links, which can appear quite innocent. When a link is clicked, a real-time scan is activated before connecting to the link destination.

Security Reports

Detailed reports give clear insight into where the threats lie. If you know where it (nearly) went wrong, the owners of targeted accounts can be preventatively forewarned.

Add-on for Office 365

These security measures are a standard feature in many of the available Microsoft 365 licences. Otherwise they can be purchased as an add-on.

Taking regular security a step further.

Managed Firewall


Mitigating Risks

Secure your network professionally and lower the risks properly. Just adding a router and installing a firewall once is no longer strong enough.

Always updated

A good firewall configuration needs managing and adjusting to combat the newest threats. SCC can do this for you.


A managed firewall is adjustable and has a high capacity which makes it a perfect product for both small and large organisations.


For companies with more than one internet connection, the firewall can be used to serve multiple lines in a high availability configuration.
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What our clients say

First class network knowledge

Trusted partner with great knowledge. SCC Business Systems supported us with wide-anging network issues.

Lesley Tank
Mollie Betaaldiensten

Great helpdesk

SCC's helpdesk does just that. They help you. Whenever we have an ICT issue, I will contact the helpdesk, and the problem is taken care of swiftly.

Gré de Joode
Dun Yong Foodservices

Quick response time

Knowledgeable people who respond very quickly should a problem arise. They make sure it gets solved swiftly and properly.

Bert Bos
CTSN Aviation Security

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